Jane’s Blog

Jane is a terribly proper English gal and graduate of Leiths School of Food & Wine in London. Below she shares her scrumptious recipes and tips for serving up a gorgeous vintage tea party of your own.


How to host a stress free tea party

Easy Guide to Hosting a Stress Free Tea Party  Have you ever been to tea at a ritzy hotel? One of those places where you're convinced the waiter is silently willing you to commit an etiquette gaff? Where you second guess yourself with questions like: " Should I pour...

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Recipe & Tips for the Perfect Light & Airy Scone

What Makes a Perfect Scone? A good scone is hard to find. And do you know why? Because a scone’s reputation lives and dies on its lightness and freshness. That’s probably why it’s almost impossible to find a decent specimen at any of the chain store coffee...

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